A Close Call: Why Ministry Matters

My call narrative.

“A Picture of an Activist?”
Lead Generational Change for Good

FTE video on Intergenerational mentoring (featuring Luther Smith, GE2, and Alisha Gordon)

Looking Around at Everything (Mark 11:11), Palm Sunday 2019

Cannon Chapel, Emory University (Atlanta, GA)

After Shock

After Shock Sermon, Mark 16:9-15

April 18, 2017 Cannon Chapel, Emory University

The Gifts of Wisdom: Sermonic Reflections on Darkness, Emptiness and the Spirit

Genesis 1:2, Impact Church, Atlanta, GA (May 2016)

This is perhaps the most emotionally taxing sermon I have ever delivered.

An Echo on the Inward Sea: Sermon

Emory University

January 2015

Cut Dead But Still Alive: Ellison's First Book In Context
Who Cares?: Week 1

Perspective of the Passed: Samaritan Sermon

Johns Creek Baptist Church (GA)

June 2015

Who Cares?: Week 2

The Thin Line Between Olives and Grapes: Sermon

Johns Creek Baptist Church (GA)

July 2015

Who Cares?: Week 3

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Sermon

Johns Creek Baptist Church (GA)

July 2015

Fearless Dialogues: Early Stages of the Movement

Interview by Rev. Skip Masback, Yale Center for Faith and Culture